Practice Address:

Purnam Health Centre, Mumbai

Dr. Hitesh Shah - B.H.M.S.

Chief Wellness Consultant

E-Consult Fee : Rs. 1000



Consultation Languages

English , Gujarati , Hindi , Marathi


Dr. Hitesh Shah is a renowned Sexologist and Homeopath from Mumbai with a rich clinical experience of 25 years of treating various physical and emotional disorders. 
He is ex. Hon. Asst. Clinical Sexologist at The Department of Clinical Sexology OPD, K.E.M. Hospital and ex. Diplomate and Certified Clinical Sexologist by the American Board of Sexology.He is certified in Personal Counselling by the St. Xavier’s Institute of Counselling. Dr. Shah is first in our country to have prepared Pre Marriage Counselling program.

Dr. Shah is Chief wellness consultant and founder of Purnam Health Centre with an Integrated, Multidisciplinary, Holistic approach to various relationship issues. He is expert in modern day stress related Sexual Dysfunctions of men and women and also problems of newly married couple like unconsummated marriages.

Dr. Hitesh Shah firmly believes in patient awareness and education. He has been writing articles or been interviewed in Chitralekha, Times of India, Hindustan times, DNA, Health aur Nutrition, Mid day, CARE TV, ZEE TV etc.

Follow him on twitter: sexologisttwitt

Special treatment for:

In Men: Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Phimosis
In Women: Lubrication disorder, Penetration Phobia, Vaginismus, and Vaginal laxity.
In Couple: Low or absent sexual Desire, Lack of orgasm, Unsatisfied sexual urge, Sexual addiction,Non consummation of marriage, Intimacy issues, Alternative orientation counselling, Emotional and sexual incompatibility.




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