What is a Care Plan? See example

Care plan is a virtual coach to manage your health condition better
Detailed information and regular messages about alarm signs, Do’s / Dont’s, Nutrition, Diet, Exercises and Reminders are sent to you
Care plans are available for over 150+ Chronic conditions and Post-discharge care

How does it work?

Select and purchase a care plan (for chronic or post-discharge care)
Download the mobile apps (preferred) or it works via SMS / Text messages
Receive information and messages regularly – Stay healthy!
Rs. 100

You can Search the suitable care plan by entering health condition (e.g Arthritis) or by a specialty (e.g Cardiology). Or select from top care plans below:

  Asthma  (Preview)

Care plan example

Each care plan has following parts -

Following these care plans will enable yu to keep tabs on your recovery and health goals and also provide your doctor with data to fine-tune their medication.

The extensive library covers most common chronic and post-discharge conditions. They include:

Others specialities include ENT, Urology, Pulmonology, Skin/Dermatology and Cosmetics.

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